Getting Out of the House (Without Losing Your Mind)

Getting Out of the House (Without Losing Your Mind)

Abby Stone
Aug 28, 2008

Our mornings are chock full. There's exercise, breakfast, errands, straightening up, grooming, phone calls with friends in New York or Europe, visits from handymen and blogging. And all of this before 9 am. The rush to get it all done and get out of the house can be a challenge...

We actually plan our evenings the night before, making a list of what we have to do and working backwards. Since the weather's not too much of a challenge (very few sudden rainstorms or unseasonably hot days to surprise us), we try to figure out what we're going to wear the night before. We set up the coffee maker so all we have to do in the morning is boil water and plunge and figure out what we'll eat for breakfast. Our landing strip's also our takeoff strip so we round up all the stuff we need, including our keys and our handbag and put it there, ready to grab and go!

The first thing we do in the morning is make the bed. Then, we start the water boiling while we jump into our clothes and wash up. Our medicine cabinet's arranged in the order in which we use it so we don't accidentally put sunscreen on our toothbrush. Then we sit down and check our list while we have coffee and a bite to eat and think about the day. When the coffee kicks in, we check our emails and messages, return calls, straighten up the house then sit down to write. We're fed and dressed and washed and ready for whatever adventures life lobs at us. What do you do to make your mornings less frantic?

[Image: Kana and Sam's Less is More]

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