Getting to Know Your Recyclable Plastics

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Did you know that some plastic containers are actually not recyclable? Next time take a look at that empty bottle of soda pop, detergent bottle or empty squeeze bottle. You’ll notice a range of numeral coded stamps that identify which type of resin or resin mix was used to manufacturer the container, with accompanying numerals.

In reality, only those containers labeled “1” and “2” are commonly collected for recycling, while plastic bags, styrofoam and even plastic bottle caps aren’t readily recycled and should be separated from the rest of the recyclable materials. Need a bit of further explanation about this topic? If you’re in LA, check out the Los Angeles Department of Public Works site for further details to help you become an educated recycler.

If you’re elsewhere, we’re curious. What plastics are recycled where you live?

posted originally from: AT:LA