Gift Giving Guide: Best Hiding Places

Gift Giving Guide: Best Hiding Places

Carolyn Purnell
Nov 21, 2013
(Image credit: Manmade)

It's a common trope that kids sneak around every year trying to find their presents. (And let's not mention the adults who do the same.) Where can one find a safe spot, away from prying eyes? Here are some of our favorite ideas — be sure to share your own below!

1. Secret Stash Spots: The absolute best spots are those that were designed as hiding places from the get-go. We've discussed secret hiding spots before, but if you aren't currently in possession of one and you would like to be, consider trying Manmade's recent tutorial on making a secret spot in your bookshelf, or this Design*Sponge favorite.

2. The kitchen cupboards you never use. In my house growing up, there were always some cabinets that were far out of reach that held only the most occasional items: a deviled egg tray, dip bowls, party platters, and the like. This won't work if your kitchen space is at a premium, but if you've got some spare ones, tucking things far into the rarest corners can be a good tactic.

3. Someone else's house. If your family has the most intensely prying eyes, then don't even give them the chance to peek. Keep things in a friend or family member's house if you really want to ensure your loved ones' surprise.

4. Your car trunk. This is a good option only assuming that your kids won't be using the trunk, or if you're hiding your gift from a significant other, assuming they don't use the car. But I've hidden small treasures in the spare tire part of my trunk on multiple occasions to great success.

5. Your work office or cubicle. Again, this keeps the possibility of discovery entirely off the table.

6. Amidst any big piles of clutter you may have. This is the one occasion in which you can revel in any unsorted stores of junk. Messy garage? Room full of junk? Many of those items have probably been there for years, and if you're careful with your hiding, then there's no reason to assume that your hidden gifts won't be safe there as well.

Are there any other fail-proof ideas that you have to share?

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