One Thing That Doesn’t Belong on Your Dining Table

published Nov 26, 2018
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Use it every day or mostly just pass it by with a glance of admiration, your dining table, while definitely made to be used, wasn’t made to be a catchall. As one of the largest non-floor surfaces in your home, however, it may hold its fair share of puzzles, art projects, and, at this time of year, gift-wrapping supplies.

We’re big fans of using every part of your home and furniture to serve you and your needs. So by all means set up your gift-wrapping station in this ideal space—just don’t let all the supplies take over. When you’re not actively wrapping a gift, you should clear your table of this clutter and have a designated, convenient spot to store your supplies.

With their multiple compartments, gift wrap organizers keep every type of supply neatly stored and at your fingertips. No more shuffling through undone rolls of paper to find tissue paper or digging through scattered bows. Keeping scissors, tape, and cards close at hand in the same organizer means not having to gather supplies from around the house, or leave them strewn about your dining table.

This hanging gift wrap organizer is the perfect solution for organizing and stashing all your gift wrapping supplies. It hangs inside a closet or from the back of the door, so you hardly need to carve out a storage space. It’s double-sided to really maximize space, and it’s portable: You can take the whole thing out of your closet and bring it to where you’re working.

If you really don’t have hanging closet space to spare, this wrapping paper storage bag is a great alternative that can be stored under a bed. Pull it out and bring it to where you’re wrapping gifts. You’ll see everything at once so you can easily match your ribbons to your papers, and when you’re done, you can put everything away with a simple zip-up.

For those who have a formidable collection of wrapping paper, ribbons, and other gift-giving supplies, this hanging wrapping paper and bow organizer fits the bill. You’ll need a bit of space to hang it, but you will be able to see everything you have in that impressive stash of yours and easily switch back and forth between selections.

If you’re really motivated to find a more permanent home for your gift wrap supplies (and a bit more of a budget to dedicate to the cause), you can upgrade to this back-of-the-door rack from Elfa. Since it doesn’t require any tools or permanent installation (it comes with two hooks that wrap around a standard size door), it’s perfect for renters and homeowners alike.

No matter which gift wrapping supply organizer you choose, having everything visible means you’ll know what you already have and won’t waste money on duplicate supplies. You’ll also be able to quickly see what you don’t have so you don’t psych yourself up for a gift-wrapping marathon only to find that you’re out of ribbon. And when you have that drool-worthy pile of wrapped gifts, you won’t ruin the moment by having to wrestle and shove your supplies back into place.

Gift-wrapping has never been snappier or more orderly.