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42 Thoughtful Gifts for the Pet Lover (or Fur Baby) in Your Life

updated Nov 17, 2023
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Calling all pet parents and friends: Come, sit, and stay! Now is the perfect time to pamper yourself, your pet-obsessed loved ones, and all of your four-legged companions. From doggy water bottles and leashes to cat mugs and plush beds, we’ve gathered our favorite tail-wagging, purr-inducing gifts for pets and their owners.

Whether you know a cat person, a dog person, or lots of both, this list is full of products that will point you in the right gifting direction, no leash required. Sure, canine and feline friends are simple to please — food, water, a warm bed, playtime, and lots of snuggles usually do the trick — but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate (and deserve!) the finer things in life. Maybe you’re looking for stocking stuffers, or maybe your fur baby is celebrating a milestone birthday or a friend is adopting a new bestie and you want to mark the occasion — no matter the reason, everyone (humans and animals alike!) is sure to love these picks. Keep reading for our favorite gifts for pets and the people who love them.

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From our partner

It's hard to come by stylish food storage containers, but this treat canister will blend right in with the rest of your giftee's kitchen decor. We were instantly drawn to its summery blue tile motif and bamboo lid. Looks aside, the canister keeps pet treats airtight and fresh for weeks; plus, it's dishwasher-safe!

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The goodest boy or girl absolutely deserves an adorable food bowl. This Etsy option can be personalized with their name, which has a groovy, retro-style font. The ceramic bowl measures six inches in diameter and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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From our partner
was $649.99

A clean pet home is a happy pet home and to make that easy, you need a great vacuum. For years, Dyson has been developing the latest and greatest in cleaning technology, something you'll see firsthand in the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Absolute. Named Dyson’s lightest cordless vacuum, this powerful pick adapts suction based on dust volume while also revealing invisible dust, thanks to its laser-equipped head. Best of all, it's made to be compact, ergonomic, and easy to use, meaning no fuss, just the cleanest floors around. Equipped with five attachment heads, this Dyson exclusive is one the pet lovers in your life will greatly appreciate.

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What do you get the pet owner who has everything? A miniature stuffed version of their beloved sidekick, of course! Just send in some pics (or a link to the dog or cat's Instagram account, perhaps?), and Etsy seller DaNangCraft will work their magic to create a likeness that your giftee is guaranteed to adore. After giving one to a friend, AT's commerce director, Mark, calls this toy "the ultimate gift for doting dog parents."

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Tuft & Paw

If you have a feline-loving friend or family member who lives in a small space, this Tuft & Paw window hammock is a winning present — just take it from AT managing editor Tamara, whose kitties are obsessed with it. It sticks to the window via super-strong suction cups, staying out of the way while giving cats a perfect perch from which to watch the world go by.

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was $40.00

Rowan's In-Between Bath Bundle will be a godsend if your loved one has a dog who loves running around outside... and rolling around in the foulest-smelling mess they can find. It includes The Coat Refresh and The Dry Shampoo, both of which can be used without water to give pups a refresh until it's time for their next bath. AT assistant editor Britt (and her dog, Leo) is a big fan.

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If you haven't heard, iconic music star Dolly Parton recently launched Doggy Parton, a collection of toys, clothes, and accessories made specifically for your four-legged friends. If you're not sure of the exact size of your friend's dog (or don't think they'd be apt to dress their dog in a big, blonde wig), we recommend going with this "I Beg Your Parton" stuffed mug.

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July Luggage

If you know a traveler who hates leaving their pet behind, July's personalized luggage tag will be a surefire hit. Just submit a photo of your loved one's animal, and the company will print an illustration of their likeness right onto the leather. You'll be giving a one-of-a-kind gift that'll make them smile on the road.

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was $59.99

Keep your pet cool and comfortable with this cooling pad that doesn't require any water, refrigeration, or use of electricity. The Green Pet Shop pad consists of a gel formula that's pressure activated, so once paws come in contact with the mat, the cooling feature is turned on. This can cool pets down for up to four hours and the pad recharges automatically.

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Say goodbye to stinky breath with this comprehensive dental kit that will help your loved one keep their pet's oral health on point. It's formulated for both dogs and cats, using ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. The bundle includes Dental Water Additive, Dental Gel Toothpaste, and three gentle finger toothbrushes.

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Two Tails Pet Company
was $25.99

Any pet parent that has a love for style will appreciate a luxe, high-quality ID tag from Two Tails. Take it from our commerce editorial assistant, Morgan, who gifted the brand’s playful “Hello My Name is” to her mom. “She absolutely loved it for our pitbull, Peanut,” Morgan said. “It’s lightweight, but I can tell it’s durable, and you can see her name on it from a decent distance, which is a plus.”

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was $14.99

Ever wonder how the Zodiac influences a pup's behavior? This clever book delves into the nitty-gritty details and personality traits based on a dog's birthday. Gift it to your favorite dog person so that they can better understand their four-legged friends. (And yes, there's one for cats, too.)

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West & Willow

Pay tribute to your favorite fur baby with a coffee mug emblazoned with, well, their mug. West & Willow morphs your pet's likeness into an illustration, printing it onto a white mug with the option to include their name. It's the perfect gift for a pal who just adopted their first dog or a great way for a loved one to remember pets that have since passed.

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was $19.99

Your feline-loving friend will adore this cat-inspired vase, which has tons of rave reviews and looks lovely when the light hits it just right. They can fill it with gorgeous succulents or place it near a window in the kitchen, bathroom, or home office. In fact, since these beautiful planters are so affordable, why not buy two that your giftee can use as bookends?

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was $210.00

Out for the day? No problem! If you’re a dog-obsessed parent, you can interact with your pup at home by tossing them treats at your command. This incredible gadget is easy to set up and features a two-way audio system, barking sensor, and live-streaming video capabilities, so you can monitor your pet at all hours of the day and night.

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Mealtime just got a bit more colorful with this mat that's made of jute and recycled Indian textiles. The vibrant, bone-shaped mat can be placed under food or water bowls to catch any spills. It measures 24 inches long and would look great in any corner or pet nook.

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was $375.00

Dog parents love that this collapsible dog crate was developed with human-level standards in mind. Featuring premium, toxin-free materials that don’t rust, it makes road trips and safety easier than ever with ergonomic doors and a puppy divider. It’s also a cinch to transport, so you can bring and store it anywhere.

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This bestselling harness comes with adjustable neck and chest straps to feel comfortable, snug, and lightweight when placed on over 100 dog breeds, from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands. If you aren’t familiar with Awoo, the brand helps repurpose the equivalent of five plastic bottles for each purchase made. This harness is made with planet-friendly materials like 100 percent GRS-certified recycled polyester.

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was $199.00

Figure out where Fido is from with this handy doggy DNA test from Embark. A simple swab will grant you all sorts of useful information, like your pup's breed breakdown, health risks, personality traits, and even nearby relatives (really!).

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This chic 12-oz. mug features a feline-inspired construction that cat lovers will adore. Choose from black, white, or pink, all of which shine with subtle gold accents.

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was $159.00

If you’ve always wondered about your kitty’s family history, this DNA kit could give you the answers you’re looking for. It provides reports on dental health, breed health, and DNA test results with complete genome sequencing delivered straight to your email. If you have an older cat, this could also be a great way to start learning about preventative health measures, since you can tell a lot about a cat based on its family history — and the results could spark some helpful conversations with the vet, too.

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A leak-proof doggy water bottle is a must for anyone who brings their pup with them on the go. Right now, we’re eyeing this one with a special function that lets unused water drop back into the container with the click of a button. It's available in pink and blue, and it's perfect for your next hiking trip with your four-legged friend.

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Tangles, be gone! This top-rated self-cleaning brush gently removes the toughest mats from your pet’s fur while increasing blood circulation, so grooming time is both effective and enjoyable. Once you’re done using it, simply press the button at the back and watch the bristles retract as unwanted fur and dirt fall straight into the trash.

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was $169.00

Ever watched your dog when they sleep? The surface of this bed accommodates canine behavior by mimicking that funny sensation of pawing at the air, and its edging provides a pillow-like place to rest their head as they drift off into a peaceful, dream-like state. Casper mattresses are renowned for their support and breathability, and this one for pets comes with the same extra-special properties, like pressure-relieving memory foam and sink-free construction.

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was $23.99

Treats? Not so fast! Make your dog work for them with this interactive and energy-expending toy that's meant to spark curiosity and challenge your pup to problem-solve. Each box leads to tasty rewards you can hide inside lids, flaps, drawers, and more.

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was $39.99

Wine and cheese night just got an upgrade with this stylish cheese board. It’s made with solid wood that's crafted to (ahem) paw-fection, and it can be cut to look like almost every breed, from Cocker Spaniels to French Bulldogs.

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Uncommon Goods

Let's face it: There's a good chance your cat is an enigma. Attempt to understand your furry pal a bit better with this helpful deck of cards. While we can't promise your salty tabby will suddenly become a people pet, you'll at least be able to tell when she wants scratchies and when she wants to be left alone.

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Found My Animal

This ombre dog leash is about way more than good looks — though it does look really good. Found My Animal, the Brooklyn-based company behind this woven marvel, supports animal adoption resources with every purchase, so it's a buy you and Fido can feel good about.

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Mark & Graham
was $49.00

If your fur baby tends to get chilly come winter, you know a pet sweater is a must. This adorable collection from Mark and Graham features everything from holiday-themed knits to a personalized skull and bones sweater, so your pooch will undoubtedly be the coolest on the block.

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was $36.32

How sweet is this custom illustration tote bag? Choose between three different sizes and more than 30 colors. Also, the long, comfortable straps mean that you can fill it up at the pet store, bring it to vet appointments, or use it for your pup’s essentials when they go to stay with grandma.

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Pride + Groom

Your prized pooch deserves the best, and this luxurious grooming set will keep their coat looking and smelling good enough to attract every dog at the park. Developed with all-natural ingredients for dogs that shed, the kit includes a shampoo that nourishes and a conditioner that locks in moisture.

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Tuft & Paw

Your fabulous feline deserves this ultra-chic cat bed that’ll make them feel super secure. It boasts a breathable sphere shape and custom-fit faux fur blanket, and its striking design could even double as a stylish piece of décor. Let's be honest, you both need this one!

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Every pet lover's favorite palindrome comes to life in this "taco cat" toy for felines. It's stuffed with certified organic catnip, and you can even choose whether you want yours to look like a hard corn or soft flour tortilla! It's sure to provide hours of entertainment and never-ending Insta-worthy cuteness.

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Wild Earth

The team at Wild Earth spent over a year curating these sustainable, plant-based treats that feature koji protein, an ancient fungi superfood. Your dog will love them because they’re delicious, and you’ll love them because they’re nutritious. Win-win!

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Getting through security will be a breeze with this durable, sporty, and portable pet carrier that makes it easier than ever to travel with your companion at your side. It’s airline compliant, accommodates most pets up to 20 pounds, and even comes with a bonus leash.

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was $149.95

Let your dog roam free without worry with this GPS pet tracker, which uses location tracking to alert you to wherever they are. Not only does the device connect to a collar that’ll track your dog’s location within 15 seconds, it also measures things like health, nutrition, and activity level. You can even email 30-day activity reports to your vet so that they’re aware of your pup’s health between checkups.

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The Sill
was $86.00

If your dog or cat is always sticking their head into your planters, then you'll both love this pet-friendly, easy-to-care-for, air-purifying plant duo. Place these beauties in a spot where they’ll see direct or indirect light throughout the day, and give them a healthy splash of water every one to two weeks to keep them healthy and looking great.

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ChomChom Roller
was $31.95

Forget the vacuum — this eco-friendly tool is renowned for its hair-removal skills and is useful just about everywhere in your home. Its relatively small size will even help you get into those dreaded nooks and crannies of your furniture. Simply roll it back and forth across your sofa, bed, or any other area where furry friends love to lounge.

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No, they aren’t filled with actual raw fish, but your cat will still love these fleece toys that look exactly like the real deal and are brimming with catnip. They’re available in a set of four to provide hours of entertainment and neverending Insta-worthy cuteness.

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Fable Pets

This tiny gadget combines interactive features with feeding time. Simply, but aptly called The Game, it holds up to 1.5 cups of dry food and is suitable for about 30 minutes of play time. It creates motion to mimic the experience of hunting prey and has a range of complexity settings. This is sure to keep your dogs stimulated as well as slow down those fast eaters.

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If you're not sure of a single gift for a pet parent, try this set which features a range of items. The four-piece gift set is ideal for medium to large breed dogs (25-80 pounds) and includes a snuffle mat, lick mat, treat dispenser, and chew toy. The snuffle mat doesn't just slow down fast eaters, but 10 minutes of use can equate to an hour of walking. The treat dispenser is also a stimulating workout for pups. All of the items are easily washable.

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was $84.99

This two-gallon water dispenser will be a much appreciated treat for any pet parent with a large dog or a multi-pet home. The continuous stream of water (you can control the flow!) encourages hydration and the built-in carbon filter removes any taste or odors from the water. Also, the foam filter works to extend the life of the water pump and removes any pet hair. The fountain has a small built-in ramp that cuts down on splashes and noise.