Gifts From The Heart: Coupons of Promise

Gifts From The Heart: Coupons of Promise

Abby Stone
Dec 19, 2008

121908-coupon.jpgLike Grace, who posted her ideas for gifting her friends and family with the present of her presence, some of our gifts this season, though they may come in boxes or tied with bows, won't be things the recipient can immediately play with on Christmas morning or Hannukah night. They'll have a different value. They're coupons for gifts that can't be purchased at a store...

This year, some friends will receive gifts of time or emotion in the form of coupons. Here are some I'm planning on:

  • a night or day of babysitting for the friend who rarely gets an evening out with her husband. Plus I'll get some quality hang time with her kids.
  • a dinner at my house for my friend who doesn't cook. I'll make her all those things she likes and she can take home the leftovers to enjoy the next day.
  • a day of baking for some kids I know who enjoy messing around in kitchen (but whose parents prefer they don't make quite that much of a mess).
  • a "you pick" coupon for my friend who always has a different idea of where we should go. We'll avoid an argument, get a good laugh out of it and I won't have to plan it.
  • an "I'll come to your side of town" coupon for my friends who live way over by the beach (or up in Pasadena). This'll make sure I see the friends I never see in person.
  • an "I'll promise to be on time" coupon for my friend who always waits patiently for my never-on-time self. And I do promise to be on time, at least that time.
  • a "you win" coupon for the friend I get into heated arguments with. This is a good one to give to your significant other.

Anyone on your list who might like a coupon instead of a regular gift?

[image: kwantakoon, with a Creative Commons License]

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