Gift-Wrapping With Old VHS Tapes!

Gift-Wrapping With Old VHS Tapes!

There comes a time when it just isn't practical to hold on to all of those old VHS tapes. Most people came to this realization by 1998, but I have to admit trailing behind the pack until just last year. I did hold on to a few for nostalgia's sake, most others were donated, but some of the duds still remain, re-categorized under craft!

It is simple enough to open the plastic casing of those once valued media-relics. Inside is a handy reel of glossy ribbon, perfect for embellishing gifts. The warm black tone of the tape also looks great with newspaper for an especially green gift-giving experience.

The tape does tend to crease, something to keep in mind when forming knots and bows. As for the plastic bits left behind? The second, empty reel can be used for other renegade ribbons, while a reassembled case makes for superb secret compartment storage! If you've got nothing to hide, try using the light but bulky remains in the bottom of large outdoor planters for drainage. Along with crushed pop cans, it's a great alternative to rocks.

(Image: MaryAnne Petrella)

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