Gillian Colors Her World

Gillian Colors Her World

Jill Slater
Jun 9, 2010

Name: Gillian
Location: Upper East Side
Size: 1,200 sqft. one-bedroom
Years lived in: 4 months

"White walls will suck all the energy out of a room," says Gillian. She's learned that they lack any sense of nurturing. Where once she was a loyal post-design school minimalist in a white box, Gillian has since found color.

Gillian explains further that the floors of a room provide stability, the walls are the security, and the ceiling is the ethereal and light space. As a person with an architectural background, Gillian had trouble giving up the white box. But she so believed in her new found knowledge of color and the way it can influence all aspects of one's senses and living experience, that she adapted.

In fact, she is so convinced on the importance on color in one's life, that in addition to her interior design business, she now runs a separate business that is all about color. She helps clients choose color for their walls based on their personality and their emotional needs.

Gillian moved from a studio apartment and brought her furniture with her. She didn't let the fact that she rents this apartment thwart her wall painting needs. She striped the entrance hallway and painted one full wall in both the living room and bedroom. For this new home, Gillian upholstered her old pieces in bright colors and used them strategically to provide accents throughout the room.

Gillian's living space is not neutral by any definition and not linear. The choreography of color in the room makes me smile. It fosters an experience in and of itself. The view and the color combine to create a phenomenon that is hard to move past. When I arrived, I could do nothing but stare silently for a good solid minute.

Apartment Therapy Survey
Style: Sensually modern

Inspiration: Sensuality, color, comfortable, nurturing

Favorite Element: Color. Each color conjures up a distinct feeling. While it can be different for different people, it happens to us all. In choosing a main color myself, as with a client, I begin with the emotion or feeling I want my space to evoke. I chose feminine, sensual, and powerful. These adjectives lead me to coral. I actually call it Moroccan pink. Since it is such a strong color, I went with an applied glazing technique. This allows for several shades of the color to be applied, creating highs, lows, and mediums, much like great hair color. In order to use such a strong color successfully, you need to add it's complement (the opposite on the color wheel) to your space. Since coral/moroccan pink have both pink and orange undertones, I have done this with many shades of blue, blue green and green.

Biggest Challenge: Creating a work and home environment that is welcoming to both.

What Friends Say: I love it here. Did I mention I'm never leaving. You've used so many colors but it feels so calm.

Biggest Embarrassment: My bedroom is not completed yet.

Proudest DIY: When the TV fell off the wall, I had to create a makeshift stand instantly. I took an old board, painted it purple and lay it across the speakers.

Biggest Indulgence: Silk rugs everywhere...

Best Advice: Work out your design concept before you buy anything

Dream Source: Fort St. Carpet


    • Living Room:
    couch: CASSINA, Rug: FORT ST. STUDIO, Chaise: CASSINA, End Tables: My own design, Dining Chairs: KNOLL, Bar: TROY, Coffee Table: LAS VENUS, Storage Cabinet: IKEA, Chandelier: Ebay, Painting: Jonathan Burden Antiques,

    • Office:
    Desk: LEES ART STUDIO, Bookshelf: IKEA, Desk Chair: SUITE NEW YORK, Chandelier: IGNO MAUER.

    • Foyer:

    • Powder Room:
    Poster: EBAY, Glass Wall Bracket: IRREPLACABLE, ARTIFACTS. Channel Bottle: EBAY

    • Bedroom:Bed: DUXIANA, Sconces: Vermillion, Fiber Optic Panel: POLLACK, Bedding: DUXIANA, Credenza: CASSINA

For more details, check out Gillian's Stealthy but Colorful Kitchen.

Images: Jill Slater

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