Here’s How Rooms from ‘Gilmore Girls,’ ‘Friends,’ and More Would Look in 2019

published Jun 24, 2019
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Credit: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Some TV show spaces are simply iconic: Monica’s purple apartment on “Friends.” The Simpsons’ living room. Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. Rooms like these are basically beloved institutions and we’d never want them look any other way than how we remember them…except, well, isn’t it fun to just imagine how some of the most memorable television interiors might look with a little sprucing up and a touch of some 2019 trends? You know, brighten up a room with a fresh coat of paint, swap out wood paneling for some funky wallpaper, get that Demogorgon blood out of the carpet?

The people over at Budget Direct, an Australian insurance company, were also curious about what 2019 makeovers would entail for their favorite iconic TV show rooms, so they enlisted the help of interior design consultant Pat McNulty and NeoMam Studios to dream up some fresh takes on some well-worn fictional interiors. Take a look below to see if any of these decor makeovers have you seeing rooms in your own home with fresh eyes.

Joyce Byers’s living room, “Stranger Things”

If anyone deserves a home makeover, it is Joyce Byers, the woman who had to take an ax to her wall in hopes of freeing her son from the grips of a monster in an inter-dimensional world. “Stranger Things” takes place in the 80s, but in 2019, it’s the 1970s that are making a comeback through design trends—that’s why Budget Direct gave the Byers that burnt orange velvet sofa as a focal point in their newly painted living room. Honestly, slapping on a dark blue paint color and swapping out Christmas lights for some delicate twinkle lights ALMOST makes me want to paint the alphabet on my wall in order to communicate with people in the Upside Down. 

Walter White’s kitchen, “Breaking Bad”

He may be whipping up the most potent meth in New Mexico, but every cook deserves a nice kitchen. Think of this makeover as Nancy-Meyers-Does-Breaking-Bad. The Whites now have exposed white brick and a gorgeous green-tiled backsplash. They’ve also outfitted the place with more contemporary lighting, complete with cool-headed low-energy bulbs. Sustainability, bitch!

Alicia Florrick’s home office, “The Good Wife”

Here’s the thing, if “The Good Wife” were still on today, you know Alicia’s office would look perfectly on-trend for 2019. The woman had style! Since we haven’t been inside the Florrick home for three years (but, are you watching “The Good Fight?” You should be watching “The Good Fight”), it’s nice to revisit it from time to time. Budget Direct painted the room with a popular 2019 shade of yellow, while also playing up the Scandinavian design aesthetic with the white accents and use of leather, cotton, and linen textiles. 

Don and Megan Draper’s bedroom, “Mad Men”

Whew, the 1960s were a time for browns, rusts, and wood paneling—but no more! This 2019 makeover shows a much brighter, lush bedroom than Don and Megan had in their NYC apartment. The blush tones and greenery may not match Don’s dark, wounded soul, but it does seem like an enjoyable space for any and all home performances of “Zou Bisou Bisou” whenever the inspiration should hit.

Rory Gilmore’s childhood bedroom, “Gilmore Girls”

In 2019, Rory Gilmore would be very into Marie Kondo, don’t you think (Lorelai, not so much)? That’s why in this room makeover, the teenage girl clutter is gone and in place of it, a much more minimalist, organized aesthetic reigns. Toss in some statement lighting fixtures and some playful geometric shapes and you have yourself a room fit for a young woman ready to take on the world, or, you know, hide out in Stars Hollow when times get tough.

Monica’s bathroom, “Friends”

All the talk about how huge Monica’s apartment is on “Friends,” and people always seem to forget that tiny bathroom Monica and whoever was her roommate at the time had to share. It was basically the one part of that apartment that felt relatable to your average New Yorker. To make the room feel a bit larger, this makeover brightens up the room with some light pink tiles and white and gold accents. That white marble floor isn’t hurting anyone either. I’ll be there for that for that floor, you know what I mean?