Give New Life to Old Furniture Using Color!

Give New Life to Old Furniture Using Color!

Lauren Zerbey
Aug 10, 2011

Everyday on my way home I pass my neighborhood Goodwill and everyday the sidewalk outside the store is filled with the same outdated, slightly beat-up furniture. The practical side of me knows that there are some perfectly good pieces worth reusing, but my modernist side can't get over the more traditional aesthetic. It's a conundrum that many of us face and that's why I'm intrigued by this roundup of traditional designs reinvented with bold colors.

Painting furniture is certainly not a new trend, but the use of bold colors on otherwise dated pieces can produce an unexpected contrast that feels very modern. Aside from aesthetics, painting old furniture has several benefits: it keeps products out of landfills and reduces the need for new resources, it's a good way to mask imperfections while still getting the benefit of a solid piece of furniture, and it can save hundreds of dollars over buying new while creating an interesting story of how the piece came to be.

(For a great how-to on painting furniture, check out this post from earlier this year.)

Top Row:

1. I love the idea of a kitchen table with a story. Painted a bright color, it becomes a focal point of the room and an easy place for friends to gather.

2. Left unpainted these nightstands might resemble something in your grandmother's house, but a swath of bright pink makes them perfect for a whimsical bedroom.

3. Believe it or not, this chair has been painted! Upholstered furniture can be a daunting task to recover, but this solution could be a doable DIY.

4. We may not have a need for wash stands anymore, but repurposing and repainting an heirloom piece adds a layer of history to our homes.

5. Spray painting chairs is an easy way to add a pop of color to a space. Better yet, if you get tired of the color, repainting is a cinch.

Bottom Row:

6. Ombre is all the rage right now and with the varied drawer colors your hardly notice that it's a well-worn piece.

7. Not all used furniture is old. Even an IKEA cabinet like the one pictured here can be improved upon with a couple of hours and a paint brush.

8. Don't limit your scavenger hunt to just wood pieces, this metal locker adds a warm but industrial vibe to this hallway at Chez Larsson.

9. Painting a few pieces in a slightly different color adds an element of surprise and ensures that your creation is truly unique, as seen in this dresser by designer Roy McMakin.

10. Painting an older sideboard was just the first step for Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone. She then used a projector to paint a partial world map in gold paint on the top!

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