Give a Little Tech Support Along with Your Gift

Give a Little Tech Support Along with Your Gift

Elizabeth Giorgi
Dec 9, 2013
(Image credit: Eunice's Tour)

Personal pet peeve: when someone gives my parents or grandparents a high tech gift, but then doesn't install said item or teach them how to use it. Over the years, I've seen Harmony remotes, digital picture frames and smartphones all go unused for years after being gifted. And that's the short list.

If you're thinking about getting the hottest new gadget for someone in your life who has historically been a little less than tech savvy, be a doll and do this one thing for them:

Make yourself available to set up the device, teach them how to use it and check in on how it's going.

(Image credit: Gregory Han)

If you aren't going to be around for the opening of the gift or you won't have time the day the gift is given, I recommend:

  • Attach a note with some dates and times already pre-approved for the recipient to choose from, and stick to it.
  • Plan ahead by emailing some video tutorials or reviews to the recipient before you head over so they can do their research, too.
  • Make a day of it by bringing a bottle of wine or some treats.
  • Afterwards, remember to follow up once or twice and ask how it's going. Many people are too proud to admit when they don't know how something works, but are willing to fess up if asked.
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