Give White MDF Cabinets a Realistic Wood Look With Paint

If you have no desire to throw away or get rid of your existing bathroom cabinets, but really wish you could change things up, try this: decorative painter Kristen Davis has mastered a technique that transforms the look of typical white medium-density fiber board cabinets with a real wood look. Complete with grain and texture, this method completely changes the look of these cabinets with only paint. Just another idea for using what you have rather than buying something new!

As Kristen describes:

Before doing the faux paint, you paint a coat of light brown primer underneath, and that’s what gives it a multi-dimensional look – like stained wood, versus just dark brown painted wood. I also paint with the idea that I am creating “grains” of wood…unlike painting a solid coat of paint. I do up-and-down motions with my brushes.

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(Images: k.f.d. designs)