Giving the Pigeons an Eviction Notice

Giving the Pigeons an Eviction Notice

Gregory Han
Sep 16, 2008

Earlier this year we had a pigeon nesting infestation inside where the roofline met the front of our apartment building. Like many people, we didn't have the heart to evict them once we heard the chirps and coos of their chicks, so we waited for them to literally leave the nest before having the open section boarded up. All was well for a few months. But then we started to hear the sound again...and worse, a smell from up above. We ended up calling our manager and now our pigeon neighbors are being asked to nest somewhere else (there doesn't seem to be a nest yet)...

Like many birds, pigeons will often return to nest in the vicinity where they were born or nested before. So it's important to not leave any openings or areas for the pigeons to get inside the structure of your building. Believe me, the smell of accumulated pigeon poop is not pleasant. Sorry my avian friends, the squatting was fine until I could smell ya near.

The whole front of our apartment is now scaffolded while they fix the exterior, so this whole morning has been a test of my endurance for very loud hammering (and chattering) literally outside my window. I'm stepping away for now because the fellas outside are having to disconstruct large parts of the roofline trim. But hopefully by day's end, they'll have the brunt of the work completed. Such is the life of a renter in an old building!

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