Glass Or Plexi: Which Is Better For Your Artwork?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As you leave your college years behind you, there are a few things you make a point to change as you grow older. You now (hopefully) shower on a more regular basis, eat multiple food groups and ditched your hip movie poster collection and those flimsy plexiglass frames. But are they really so bad? We’re not so convinced!

The idea of framing your art behind glass feels nice, right? Clean, sophisticated, it makes everything sparkle and feel official. Sure! And why not, it’s a great product. If you’re looking to keep specific artwork or prints in an archival state, then it’s usually the first choice (though UV plexi can be found now). But unless you plan on passing down a piece to your children’s children’s children, then the extra measure really isn’t needed.

You can pick up glass and plexi alike that’s anti-glare which can be a nice touch when your artwork is faced with spot lights or other direct lighting to make it seen, but aside from those two options, glass really just weighs things down and runs the risk of shattering the next time you move.

Plexi might seem like the “college-esque” option, but in all reality, there’s no reason for it. You can buy it online and from many local hardware stores (though some might have to order out for it) and it can often provide the protection you need at a cost that’s right. It’s only real downfall is the ability to scratch. Though unless you’re ice skating on it, you should be safe.

You can find both plexi and glass in anti-glare formats which can be nice when they’re under harsh spot lighting, but since you can choose either one now? Which one gets your vote?

What do you use to keep your photos and artwork framed? Are you a fan of cool crisp glass? Or smooth and sleek plexi? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Leonski licensed for use by Creative Commons