Glider Competition: Which is Best?

Glider Competition: Which is Best?

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 29, 2004

It's awful! I hate it! ....Okay, I'll take it.

QUESTION: What would you recommend to a woman who is pregnant right now and shopping for a glider?

See all photos and submissions in comments below and vote at bottom:

Wal-Mart Glider Rocker - $90 -

Here is a completely functional, non-offensive glider for $89. When our daughter was about to be born we realized that a glider was an extremely practical solution, but the idea of spending $700 and up for a hideous piece of furniture that we might only use for a few months seemed crazy. So we bought this glider from Walmart and have used it every single day for the last thirteen months.


Dutalier Glider - @$400-$500 -

We got a Pali 6 years ago and use it to this day. Beautiful? Not living room quality furniture, but certainly with an attractive fabric, coordinated to the rug or bedding perhaps, its okay. Functionality here is key. Our glider is so comfortable. There is a huge difference between a rocking chair and a glider folks. The Dutalier style glider moves effortlessly. There is no momentum effect. It is smooth sailing. No rough motions, no arcs. Forward and back with a slight foot pressure.


Eames Shell chair - $335 -

Hmm. We couldn't stand the idea of a glider, and we found the Shaker rocker too uncomfortable; the straight back was tough.

We went with an Eames rocker--a vintage shell on a solid repro base--and we love it. You don't go to sleep in it, but the kid does. It's very comfortable, the arms are in just the right place, and the old shell's patina looks great. I know it's a modernist cliche, but Eames rocks (no pun intended).


Baby Brigger Rocker - @ $600 -

The Brigger Baby rocker is one of the best I have seen at doing all the things parents need to do along without being hideously ugly. It's also super-customizable as per your height, etc. and comes with a nursing pillow.


Tom Rock Chair - $380 -

Found another fun one, and it says it works well for nursing, although it does look like it lacks head support.


Panton Relaxer - $895 -

Don't forget the Verner Panton Relaxer II... Ergonomic, unbelievably comfortable. Getting in and out with a child in your arms might need some negotiation, but it's gorgeous, modern, and compact for a small NYC apartment.


TOC - $1,800 -

Lolah has a really great rocker, TOC, it comes in two sizes and you can get it upholstered in almost any fabric.


Hans Wenger J16 Rocker - $2,000 -

My vote has to go to Hans Wegner's J16 Rocker - the Modern/Scandinavian look should work in just about any home (Yes, I'm biased but there is a reason that we carry the chair).


Gary Weeks Rocker - $1,600 -

I'm hoping that by the time I'm ready to have a baby I can afford a Gary Weeks rocking chair. On his site he's got a nice essay on "Rocking Chairs and Nursing/Nurturing" and also a page with links to other rocking-chair craftsmen.


Shawl Back Rocker - $500 -

If you need something a little less expensive and are willing to expand your horizons a bit, I think that Shaker Workshops' NO. 7 SHAWL BACK ROCKER could also work in almost any home with the right combination of finish and tape colors.

Kennedy Rocking Chair - $290 -

If you're will to expand your horizons even further, the Kennedy Rocker is an extremely comfortable rocker that can move to the porch of your summer place when you are done with it in the nursery.

This one had to be left out due to not enough voting space... :-)

Glide - $1400 -

They also have a glider, Glide, that is made out of fiberglass that is suprisingly comfortable too. It comes in three colors, although they could probably make it for you in any color you want.

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