Glorious Ground-Cover Ideas For Your Garden!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you want to take a pass on grass look to these lovely varieties of ground-covering plants instead. Filler flora prevents soil erosion and beautifies your greenspace with minimal effort and maximum effect!

1. and 2. A genus of 67 species of perennials and annuals, Phlox is perhaps one of the most common flowering ground cover plants out there. Why so popular? They bloom throughout the season and can be propagated with ease via stem cuttings.

3. Beautiful Blue Clips Campanula add a striking color to gardens, and unlike some other ground-covering plants this one is deer resistant!

4. Better known as Sweet William, Soapwort contains saponin in its roots, a toxin which produces a lather when in contact with water, making this plant useful as both a blanket of blooms and a medical marvel!

5. Crownvetch is an incredibly resilient ground-cover, easy to grow and manage with the added benefit of choking out weeds.

6. I have to admit, as much as I love all those little flowers there is something magical about moss. Pictured here, a checkerboard pattern of moss at the Tofuku-ji Temple Garden in Kyoto, Japan

7. Lemon Thyme is a wonderful addition to any garden. This ground covering herb won’t overtake other plants, and its bright rimmed miniature leaves release a delightful fresh citrus scent when rubbed between two fingers.