Turn Your Furniture Into One Giant LED Nightlight

Turn Your Furniture Into One Giant LED Nightlight

Range Govindan
Jul 28, 2011

When you mention nightlights, most of think of those cheap, and often ugly, tiny plug-in models. But you can go a wholly different route by combining a drawer, armoire, or wardrobe with a transparent doors and a LED light to create a unique solution for illumination, turning your furnishing into one large night light.

There are many types of drawers, chests, armoires and wardrobes that now come with frosted glass or plastic doors, to give a sort of airy feel to them. These types of storage solutions are perfect to be lit up using an LED light strips, since the light will be diffused significantly and make the whole piece of furniture light up.

Brian Smith bought an IKEA Vestby for storage and decided to use a Dioder under-cabinet LED lighting strip to create a neat-looking nightlight. This was supposed to be used in his kitchen, but the resulting light wasn't bright enough. So he moved it into his bathroom. He's been using glowing drawers for years as nightlights.

The IKEA Pax with a Drammen glass door could also be used in a bedroom or living room. The one-door or two-door variety will work well. The trick involves placing the Dioders in the right spot, so that the light isn't blocked by clothes or what you are storing inside of it. You might have to use more than one LED lighting strip in order to get the right amount of glow. Since LEDs don't give off much heat (practically none), you can rest assured that your wardrobe won't go up in flames.

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(via Ikeahackers, photos by Brian Smith, QicVancouver, Flickr member Suburban War licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member OndraSoukup licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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