Glue it Right: The Secret to Super Strong Wood Glue

Sometimes using wood glue for furniture repair just isn’t enough. The weight and wear of certain pieces may be too much for glue alone to hold for the long road. But do not fret! We can make a stronger, and natural glue to strengthen your piece in disrepair.

The glue we are making is simple. Wood glue with sawdust. You’ll need three items to make this mixture and complete this repair.

  • Wood Glue
  • Sawdust
  • Sandpaper

The piece I am working on is a perfect example of an charmingly rustic and salvageable antique. The piece is a early 20th century tobacco stand that was lined with copper to keep the leaves fresh. But when I found this piece, all its parts were unattached, and extremely wobbly when put into place.

First thing I want to do is to choose a proper work space where I can sand down all the areas that I plan on gluing. I want to use a piece of 120-180 grit sandpaper to remove the old glue and dirt off these areas. Be carefully to not sand anything else on the piece, othwise you’ll be taking off the original stain. After sanding, take a damp paper towel to remove all dirt and sand dust.

Once the area is clean, we are ready to make our batch of super glue. Grab some sawdust. “Where do I get sawdust?,” you may be asking yourself. If you don’t have a saw, or a neighbor that does, try using a drill and a piece of scrap wood to get a bit of this ingredient. Drill random holes, and you’ve got your sawdust. You won’t need much. Mix some of your newly acquired sawdust with wood glue, and be sure to have more wood than glue in your mixture.

Apply a small amount of your glue mixture to the areas that will join together. When you put the parts together, either find a clamp, or in my case, use gravity to set the pieces in place. Once the glue has cured for an hour or so, stand it up right to make the piece level with the ground (grab a level if you have one to make sure).

Allow the piece to stand for at least 24 hours. Once the glue mixture has completely dried, you will have a sturdy and durable piece!

Try this glue mixture on your broken wooden piece, and see the amazing strength of this natural glue for yourself.