Go Fly a Kite. Really, It’s Fun!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
click thumbnails for larger pics This past weekend was the first time my son and I have ever flown a kite. Luckily, my husband and nephew had some kiting experience and were able to show us the way. What fun! Who would have thought that something as simple as flying a kite could be so entertaining?

With the running and releasing of the kite, seeing how high we could actually send the kite, and the suspense of trying to figure out where it would land, we soon fell in love with our newest hobby. After rescuing our kite from the neighbor’s tree and sending it far, far, away (so much so that it took our determined nephew 15 minutes to look for it and retrieve it 6 blocks down) we concluded that more kite-flying was certainly in our future.

Here are a few kites we found, online, that have us intrigued and are on our kite wish list:
Bubbles Diamond, $19.95
Traditional Box Kite, $24.95
Facet Box Kite, $28.00
Hugo Kite, $12.99

First Photo: Alejandra Valera