Go Towards the Light with Tempdot Faucet

Go Towards the Light with Tempdot Faucet

Kristen Lubbe
Apr 28, 2010

Sometimes when we wash our hands getting the temperature just right can be somewhat tricky. Usually it ends up too cold at first, then mid wash it suddenly gets scalding hot. Instead of just a hot and cold setting, we wish standard faucets came equipped with an easier way to get that perfect in between temperature.

The Tempdot Faucet, designed by Jaeseok Han, is so simple and easy to use we'd honestly be a bit surprised if it didn't become an actual product. Our world thrives on color coding, even our national security is color coded, so why not something as easy as a faucet.

Most bathrooms have either a C for cold, H for hot &mdash or blue for cold, red for hot. Wouldn't it be nice to have green for luke warm working its way to hot? Tempdot pretty much takes care of the guess work and gives us the temperature we select and expect.

To work Tempdot, you touch the colored dot that you want. Place your hand under the water and then touch the same dot again to make the water stop. The battery is automatically recharged by hot water!

[via Yanko Design]

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