From Installation Discs to Thumb Drives and Beyond

From Installation Discs to Thumb Drives and Beyond

Anthony Nguyen
Oct 21, 2010

Yeah, yeah. We know. Too much Apple news today. But while we won't be giving Apple credit for killing the CD today (we all know there's plenty of discussion out there, even for the more recent Blu-ray), they kinda well... are. By finally killing the key ingredient required for operation of a system (the OS disc), we'll hopefully start to see a reduction in weight of our tech by tossing out those bulky disc drives.

Just look at that sexy body... no disc drive to be seen.

While we do enjoy thumb drives (they're much easier to stow away in our little box of electronic show USB drive paraphernalia), we think we'll only truly be happy when the day comes that all you need is an internet connection to get everything set up on your computer from start to finish.

Some may argue that living on the cloud may be like living on the edge, but we beg to differ. Success stories from services like Dropbox and Spotify prove that living on the cloud with a vacation home on your local hard drive can be indeed very comfortable. Never having to worry about a freak accident. Knowing your files are safe and sound, no matter what trials your cat, child, or Mother Nature decides to throw at your precious bits and bytes.

Again, we won't be giving Apple all the credit for this one, but we're glad they're on their way like the rest of us towards the end of all physical media. Well, maybe that's a bit dramatic. Let's just call it, "Progressive obsolescence of old tech junk." Yeah, much better.

[Image: BoingBoing]

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