Going Green: Tech Repurposed as Planters

Going Green: Tech Repurposed as Planters

Taryn Williford
Feb 28, 2013

What's your first inscinct when something breaks? Some will say repair it, some say replace it ... and then there are those who see a dirty, broken keyboard or blender and think to themselves, "I can still use this."

If you want to add some greenery to your desk or your garden, but the dime-a-dozen pots at the home store are too bland for your tastes, look around a secondhand store (or your parents' dusty basement) for something more unique. Whether your thrift store tech find is a vintage refrigerator drawer, or just a broken keyboard from the 1990's, you can turn it into a cool planter.

Basically, take anything with a tray, bowl, or concave cavity and fill it with dirt. Then, drop some seeds in (try Garden Cress, like the keyboard above), or re-pot a plant (like the Bonzai in the blender). Tend to your new greenery and enjoy the simple pleasures (and health benefits) of living with plants.

Why not make a planter out of...

A Keyboard, like in this prank on Reddit.

A Vintage Refrigerator Drawer, like Apartment Therapy's Amber Byfield.

A Blender, like Riner Rosing of Core Since Eighty-Four.

Old Car Parts, like we spotted at Flora Grubb Gardens.

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