Going Somewhere? Take Your Water Bottle

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When traveling, do you pack your water bottle? We forgot ours on our most recent trip, but it’s always close by at home, so why leave it behind while on the road? Here are ten great reasons to always, always carry your water bottle, wherever you go.

It’s some food for thought: over at Eco Salon, there’s a list of nine reasons to quit drinking bottled water altogether—and we have to agree, especially with things like redundancy (meaning it takes so much more water just to produce a plastic water bottle that it’s not worth it) to pollution to lax regulations.

And we have one more to add to the list. Carrying a BPA-free bottle with you at all times ensures that you’re not ingesting any from those plastic bottles, many of which probably sat in a very hot warehouse, leaching chemicals into their contents.

So, next time we travel, we’ll be sure to pack our BPA-free Nalgene (the personal favorite in our household). What about you?

(Image: Flickr member kyle.leboeuf, licensed under Creative Commons)