Go-Lightly: De-Clutter & Redesign Your Wardrobe

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We were thinking of good de-cluttering services for Nesting Month and then Jenny sent us an email telling us she’s in the Wall Street Journal today. It’s her day.

If you need to go through your closets, but don’t know what to keep and what to chuck, OR if you really want to ship everything off to Goodwill and start from scratch, Jenny Gering at Go Lightly is your answer.

Working as a fashion stylist for 10 years on videos, commercials, television and on feature films with Angelina Jolie, Tea Leoni, Patricia Arquette, Ewan McGregor and Ben Stiller, Ms. Gering now works with “civilians” like the rest of us. Covered in Daily Candy, Redbook, Cosmo, InStep and The Times, Ms. Gering can “help you decide which items have passed their prime, which can be reborn, and how to craft new ensembles” (InStep). The goal? “To help men and women develop the confidence to dress with style and individuality.”

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(Note: This is an update. First reviewed on 4.08.04)