Good Find: Smart Move Tape

Good Find: Smart Move Tape

Tammy Everts
Mar 15, 2010

I hate moving. I hate it with a passion that gives me a little headache behind the eyes. I haven't moved in 13 years, and if I never have to move again in my life, I will consider myself supremely blessed. And yet I still want to buy this packing tape.

If, like me, you're a nerd for color-coded labeling systems, you'll understand why. But this tape doesn't just look OCD-ishly awesome. We're told it actually can cut way down on moving day stress.

One of my favorite blogs, Cool Tools, recently featured a real-life review and it earned two glowing thumbs up. (Glowing thumbs? Work with me. It's a metaphor. Or something.)

Guest contributor Editor Elon Schoenholz said, "The clearly marked and color-coded designations (Office, Bedroom, Bedroom #2, Kitchen, Storage, etc.) made unloading go quickly for our movers, and organizing our many cardboard moving boxes much easier for us later on. No doubt we could have accomplished something similar with a handful of colored Sharpies, but it would have taken a lot of consistently careful writing to even approach the same effect—at a time when we were looking to make less work, not more—and the colored tapes really help make sorting a breeze."

Smart Move Tape is available from U-Haul. Prices start at $2.95 per roll, with kits available for all sizes of homes, from one- to four-bedroom.

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