Good Idea: Cruising Shelf

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When our little ones start walking, we put breakables up higher, pad corners and keep our eyes peeled for the occasional crash landing. Although we protect our children from our homes, we like the idea of giving them a hand during their cruising months. Enters, the Cruising Shelf…

The Cruising shelf has a small groove that runs the length of the shelf. It gives little hands a place to grab and helps them stay on the move as they explore their world. Put kid friendly toys on their shelf and it will not only provide entertainment, but give them a solid place to lift themselves back up when they fall.

When they’re walking on their own, they’d double as great book rails to prop favorite books at a kid friendly height! You can pick one up for $65 from Pacifier or ponder a diy version that might be the right fit for your own home.

(via: tinydecorblog)
(Images: Pacifier)