Good Idea: Give Your Stuff Away Day on May 15th

Good Idea: Give Your Stuff Away Day on May 15th

Jess Watson
May 14, 2010

Living in San Francisco, I know that it's entirely possible to come across enough free furniture to outfit an apartment when walking six blocks on any given weekend. Give Your Stuff Away Day wants to take that idea a step further by encouraging people to go through their homes to find usable items they no longer need and place them on the curb. Essentially, the day could be a giant free scavenging community event giving everyone the opportunity to take home some free stuff.

Created by Mike Morone, the motivation behind Give Your Stuff Away Day is to help shrink landfills, generate a sense of community and reduce household clutter. According to Morone, the idea goes something like this:

A person typically hangs onto an old bike after buying a new one. As years go by, and the bike's tires deflate and it gets rusty and dusty, the owner finally gets tired of storing the bike. So, he or she tosses it out on the morning of garbage day. A few short hours later, it gets picked up, and in a few days, it's in a landfill. The bike was only on the curb for a short time. Those few people who passed it were on their way to work, and no "scavengers" stopped to pick it up.
With Give Your Stuff Away Day, the bike –along with millions of other items –goes to the curb on Saturday morning (even Friday evening). Then it's on display for all day Saturday and Sunday, with perhaps hundreds of potential scavengers getting a look at it. Still it might sit as Monday and Tuesday rolls around. By the time garbage day arrives (let's say Wednesday), the bike has been on display for a full four days. Maybe 1,000 people drove by, but all thought it was junk. On Wednesday morning, person #1,001 drives by and happily grabs the bike. He or she fixes it up, and the bike gets a second life and is saved from the landfill.

Mike concedes that sidewalks could get a little messy for a few days, but also wants to remind people to take back their unwanted items should no one pick them up.

With spring cleaning in full swing and the Spring Cure just ending, this seems like the perfect opportunity to get rid of some unwanted items that might be perfect for someone else's home.

Give Your Stuff Away Day has been picking up steam and has received quite a bit of both local and national press. Have you heard of any events in your community? Will you be participating?

Source: Triple Pundit - Give Your Stuff Away Day

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