The Lovely Side of Neighbor Noise

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With most of us living on top of each other in apartments and condos, we’re bound to hear our neighbors before we actually meet them. We’ve already blogged about how to soundproof your home because most neighborly noises are not good ones (screaming matches, death metal, clogging rehearsal, etc). Now we want to know if you’ve ever heard something pleasant on the other side of the wall.

Our favorite “noise” comes from our neighbor’s boyfriend who sometimes has a bit too much to drink and ends up…

…out on the balcony, singing Spanish ballads. The first time we heard his song, we had just stepped outside to make a midnight run to the dumpster. At first we rolled our eyes at the drunken concert but his voice – low, hoarse and slurringly sincere – made us to linger at our door. In fact, we sat outside for a few minutes, just to listen.

We know that his sweet song could have easily turned into annoyance, if it happened every night or disrupted our sleep, for example. But since we’ve only heard him sing a few times, each late night instance – when the rest of world is asleep – is a like a lovely little secret.

Do you have any nice noise stories or is it all just elephant aerobics and vacuums?

Photo: “Concert in the bedroom” by PaGoO on stock.xchng