Good Product: Fire Hydrant Showerhead

Good Product: Fire Hydrant Showerhead

Faith Durand
Mar 30, 2009

We have ridiculously low water pressure in our bathroom. Really, it's pathetic. And let's not even talk about running the water anywhere else in the house, let alone flushing the toilet. Just a trickle of water running from the kitchen faucet downstairs will bring a yelp of pain from an abruptly frigid or boiling shower. While those temperature issues can't be solved without a full re-plumb of our 100-year-old house, we could and did do something about the pressure. It's called the Fire Hydrant Showerhead, and it's a minor miracle.

Our old showerhead was a cheap little thing. It was probably corroded inside, because the water came out in two uneven trickles, splashing intermittently down in a burbling stream. It took a long time to get showered and it wasn't the most pleasant experience; it took complicated contortions to funnel the trickling water stream over one's body. We joked that taking a shower was like standing under someone spitting out of the showerhead.

I knew that a better showerhead could make at least a small improvement in our shower. I actually discovered the Fire Hydrant Showerhead here on Apartment Therapy in this post. It seemed a little pricey, but I decided to spring for it as a Valentine's Day gift to my husband. (How romantic, right?!)

The installation was fairly easy, although I needed pliers to get our old showerhead off. It was quite stuck and took some hard work to wrench it off the pipe. From there installation was a snap. The Fire Hydrant came with a small piece of Teflon tape that I wrapped around the pipe threads. This helps create a good seal for the new showerhead.

When I turned on the water it was like we had a new shower! A real shower-like experience! No more trickles and burps of water coming intermittently from our low-pressure showerhead.

The showerhead also has the option to adjust the spray; you can turn the head to give a more narrow, harder spray, or a gentler wider spray.

This has been the single best purchase in our bathroom this year; we love it. A caveat, though: I still think this is a rather expensive showerhead. Yes, it does what it is supposed to do (and so well!), but since purchasing it I have read about much less expensive versions from Home Depot and the hardware store. So if you need a new showerhead, know that it can make a huge difference in a low-pressure shower, but do shop around to see if you can find a better deal.

This one has definitely been worth the 40 bucks to us, I must admit.

Fire Hydrant Showerhead, $36.50 at Water Management.

There are handheld versions, as well as prettier versions in different finishes, available for extra cost.

(Images: Faith Durand; Water Management)

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