Good Product: Trader Joe’s Double Wide Cat Scratcher

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

That’s Will.

He is so excited about the Double Wide Cat Scratcher we brought home from Trader Joe’s tonight that he can barely contain himself. We’re relatively certain that he’d write this post if he could.

Actually, we think we know what he would say …

“This new cat scratcher is rad! I loooooove rolling around on it and scratching at it. If all goes well, I’ll eventually rip it to shreds.”

This means he won’t be ripping our couch to shreds, which is a giant relief. For some reason, Will has never been into the carpeted, upright scratching posts — but, he’s taken to this cardboard like it’s laced with catnip.

Oh wait, it is.

The Trader Joe’s scratcher, which is made of recycled cardboard, also comes with a baggie of organic catnip. It put us back $6.99, which we think is a wise investment when you consider the cost of reupholstering a sofa.