Good Questions: Crazy to Buy These Chairs in White?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I just bought the rectangular marble w/ cast iron base table of my dreams. It’s roughly 47inches x 24inches. I had to bribe a couple of guys with sandwiches from Katz’s to carry this sucker up my stairs! Talk about heavy!

Anyhoo, I desperately want tufted/fabric chairs to go with it. I love the chairs on Horchow and at Room & Board but they are dearly out of my budget. I found the following chair on of all places…

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It’s on sale for $299. Yay! QUESTION: Since these chairs are only available in this whitish/ivory do you think if I Scotch-Guarded them like crazy they they would be OK to use as dining room chairs? Also, do you think they would overpower the table too much with their size?

Thanks all! You rock! Jean