Good Question: How Do You Empty The Junk Drawer From Your Life?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear ATLA,

My boyfriend insists on a junk drawer in the kitchen. It’s out of control. How can I get him to just put things in their proper place so we can have the extra space?


Hey Jennifer,
We Understand where you are coming from. We pride ourselves on our order and we know where everything is. But the way we keep our obsessive compulsion from becoming disorderly, is by keeping a junk drawer.
We keep it under control by once every few years dumping out the contents onto the floor and sorting the treasures from the trash.

The truth is, some things don’t have a home. That odd piece from the espresso maker…crazy glue…a few rubber bands, a packet of Sweet& Low.* Our junk drawer is also a place to keep the quick go-to items that are otherwise hidden away; an extra measuring tape, a few packets of soy sauce, batteries. We look at our junk drawer like an emergency kit. It holds the things you can’t throw away because one day you will need something…like the spare key when you lock the original in the car. (Trust us) That’s why we all need a junk drawer.

* The picture also shows a bag clip, puppy leash, coaster, matches, cheesecloth, gum, incense holder, tape gun, and a clothes pin. Those all seem essential, don’t you think?