Good Question: Green Skin Care

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Gail writes: I know it’s your green month right now, so I was wondering what green baby care products you can recommend?

This is a great question and we’ve definitely featured a lot of green items for mama and baby here at Ohdeedoh. We’re fans of Veda Baby, Babybearshop, Method Kid (not to be confused with Method Man) but our favorite is California Baby.

We love California Baby’s Calming Aromatherapy Bubble Bath. The scent is amazing, it leaves your skin soft (It’s perfect for shaving your legs, too!) and comes with a bubble wand inside. The best part, however, is the price. At only $12 a bottle, the Calming Bubble Bath is one of the more affordable green bath products out there.

What other green skin care products can you recommend to Gail, dear readers?