Good Question: Cell Phone Only, or Keep the Landline, Too?

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Windwolf asked a question back in our Welcome Post and we wanted to hear from more of you, so we’re posting it here:

Is it really practical to cut the land line phone in favor of only having a cell phone? I have both and would love to save some buckage. What are the drawbacks? It seems like the yellow pages problem might be an issue. Are there cell phone number search engines – or is it too premature?


We’ve been cell phone-only for about a year and a half and love it (as well as no landline bill). However, there are a few drawbacks we’ve found:
• When dialing 911, you often have to ask to be transferred to your local police; they also don’t automatically have your address or location unless your city is equipped with a the right type of computer system. The only event we’re really concerned about is if we’re choking and unable to talk. However, our previous training as a Red Cross instructor also says that if you’re choking and by yourself, you need to call first before trying to save yourself. We’ll take it further and drag the chair and phone out onto the street if need be. However, this is a risk we have decided to take.

• If you loose your cell phone (or almost just as bad, the charger), you could be lost. However, we’ve overcome these by using Skype in the interim–and that’s only if you are forgetful; it’s never happened to Kate directly.

• As for the yellow pages, going on-line is just as good or better, once you get used to not having it in front of you. And for 411, there are free options.

Anyone else have thoughts?

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