Good Question: Repairing leaded glass

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of our San Diego neighbors Carrie sent us this good question:
Our door has some aging leaded glass, and I’m trying to figure out what to do to make it more secure. The lead is beginning to crack, and there is no reinforcement to hold the glass in once the lead goes. We don’t want to replace the whole door, so the options seem to be 1) re-lead the old glass; 2) re-lead it and have…

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a reinforcing layer of solid glass for security; 3) get rid of the glass and put in something different. I’ve been trying to do some research, but I’m having trouble even finding people who will do this (and I don’t think I have the skill to do it myself). Any ideas or recommendations? We’re in San Diego.

Readers…we’re turning this one over to you. Ideas? Experience? Carrie needs your assistance.