Good Question: Cooking Classes for Him?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

File under the heading: the kitchen is a crucial part of a nest.

J’love my boyfriend, but we both know our relationship will have a much happier –and longer–tenure if we share the cooking duties.

We’re looking for cooking classes to take together, and were wondering if the inimitable AT had any advice about NY options in this department.

Please do advise, Liser

The Therapist loves to cook and thinks all men should cook and not be deadbeats in the kitchen. Cooking is sexy. Cooking together is fun, especially cooking and drinking….Mmmmm. And this goes for women too, not all of whom are GIFTED in the kitchen.

But the Therapist wonders, if more women cook, why are all the famous cooks men? Something is amiss here. Men are sneaky sometimes.

Here is the Therapist’s top list of schools for classes:

FCI is $$$ but excellent. For more info see SKGR at which started as a blog of culinary school at FCI. The Therapist