Good Question: Eliminating Cat Smells

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,

I just moved into a new apartment in Brooklyn. When I came to the apartment for a viewing there was a musky odor in the hallways and in the rooms as well. My landlord informed me that was incense, which he is fond of burning. Fast forward two weeks to moving day and as my mover sets foot in the door he says, “Can we crack open a window? It smells like cat pee.” I have a terrible sense of smell, but my mom confirmed it when she came by and
even I noticed it later at night.

I asked the landlord, and he said there had never been any pets in the apartment and that the smell may be wafting up from the basement. (He apparently keeps two cats.) I can’t imagine the stench being that strong, but is that even possible? I have no experience in this department really…

Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of the smell? Based on what I’ve found on the net and heard it seems that cat pee is one of the most impossible smells to remove… but maybe someone out there in AT land has a suggestion. HELP!

There’s no question that getting out that special scent is a real chore. Until recently, it was virtually impossible, but now there are some great enzyme-based cat-urine neutralizers on the market that really work. A trip to Petco may do the trick here. PSM