Good Question: Good Local Kitchen Supply?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT,

My roommate and I want to buy a pot rack, like one of those ones you see in movies set in tribeca-hard-modern-devil lofts, so we can hang it in our williamsburg-soft-cruft-rathole loft.

If you go over to the Bowery, you’ll find a whole load of stores selling pot racks, for around $350. Check the web, and you can find them for between $30 and $80, through froogle, amazon, overstock, etc.

Because I’d prefer to inspect the pot rack’s construction and sturdiness before ordering, and because I want it now, I’d much prefer to buy it in NYC. Do you know of any good deals on this type of thing in the city? Is one of those Bowery stores different from the rest? Our kitchen needs an overhaul, and Interweb-Bowery price differential seems ludicrous.


This is a good question and our best answer is that there IS a difference. The Bowery is commercial grade and the websites you mention are mainly residential grade products. As far as looks go, choice is up to you, and as far as quality we generally find that residential pot racks are fine for our uses.

Our pick for kitchen supplies is actually NOT on the bowery, but is called Bowery Kitchen Supply in Chelsea. (Thanks, JEB!) MGR