Good Question: How Can I Cover My Ugly, Plastic Blinds?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT LA,
I am subletting an apartment that has awful, dirty plastic blinds. I don’t want to spend any cash because I’m only here for a few months, but the blinds depress me every time I look at them. The plasic blinds have to stay (as per the owner’s request). What’s a good way to cover the windows without spending too much?

Thanks, Miguel H.

Hey Miguel, We hate those blinds too, and always recommend the very cheap matchstick blinds (we prefer the dark ones). You can usually get them at stores like Home Depot for $12.00 or so. There ARE better quality ones, and if your windows are a standard size you might want to splurge a little and take them to your next home.

We just hang them right over the plastic blinds so that you can still take advantage of the blind’s blocking ability (the matchsticks diffuse light beautifully, but won’t hide you if you’re standing in your skivvies. Good luck!

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