Good Question: Has Anything Been Written About Small Studios?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is the million dollar question in NYC, or should we say the hundred dollar question?

Has anything been written to give me ideas on living in a 12′ x 17′ studio room in a residence for seniors? I have looked at the Small Spaces website but find nothing really close to explain my predicament. Thank you.

Our main advice? Create as much flow as possible by having as little as possible in your room and keeping large furniture away from the walls and windows. We believe that Marilyn means Small Spaces on HGTV, but there is also the DIY Network’s Small Spaces resource and we recommend staying away from the countless tips for ORGANIZING small spaces. The goal should be making the room beautiful and healthy with organization following from that. Only garages and closets should be referred to as ORGANIZED. MGR