Good Question: How Do I Quiet My Buzzer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I have an intercom system in my apartment which has a buzzer inside of it. Which is precisely the problem! The buzzer is obnoxiously loud and sets my two dogs to wildly barking when it goes off.

Is there a way that I can swap out the buzzer on my end for something which is much less intrusive?

Alternatively, can you give me any references to the internal workings of these intercom systems – I am mechanicially inclined enough to be able to change this myself, but if there is an easy solution, or I can pay someone to change it, I would rather not spend the time ascertaining the way to do it from scratch. Thanks, Jon

Good question. We usually put an old sponge inside the bell, so we’re not much help here. Anyone else…. MGR