Good Questions: Insulating a New Apartment?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear AT LA,

I have just purchased a loft-like apartment and I’m wondering about how to insulate the floors and ceilings for noise. I have tin ceilings that I am getting rid of (they are old and rusty) so I am thinking that I can do something to muffle noise above, and I plan to put in new floors, too. I hear there are all sorts of new ways to cut down on the “loudness” factor. Any suggestions?


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Hey J.C.,

That is quite the universal problem. Cutting down on sound on the construction level is all about creating layers of air between surfaces. If you redo your ceiling, you can add insulation board on the under any ceiling material you choose. For your floors, you are more at the mercy of your neighbors.

Cutting down on sound on the furnishings level is all about including soft textures in your space. Rugs, curtains and upholstery will all absorb sound and can cut down noise considerably. For more on this, AT NY has had some ideas on the matter.