Good Questions: Must the bed face the door?

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Hi AT,

Virtually everything I read about arranging bedroom furniture insists that that the bed should face the bedroom entrance, and especially that you don’t want to present a side view of the bed.

I am not willing to be shredded by shards of falling glass when the next earthquake comes, and I have windows opposite the bedroom door. If I put the bed against one of the side walls, then my husband and I have to play leapfrog to get in and out of bed. What is a SFan to do?


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You might find it interesting that Feng Shui adherents prefer to keep the doorway within sight while sleeping, but (and this is important) the end of the bed (and the soles of the feet when lying down) must be out of doorway alignment. Lying in bed with your soles directly facing the door is called the coffin position….because the dead were traditionally carried out feet first.

We’re not slaves to Feng Shui or any other space planning philosophy, but we do find that the “coffin position” can give us the heebeejeebees. It seems your problem is its own solution: sleep sideways, be earthquake safe, and don’t worry about anyone’s rules,

(Incidentally, if you have the opposite problem and must lay out your bedroom so that you sleep with your soles facing the door, Feng Shui recommends “a solid object at the foot of the bed.”)

Anyone else have a strong opinion on this one?