Good Question: Maggots in My Compost … Help!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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This question comes from Emily:
So I’ve got the really cute counter-top composter from greenfeet and because we don’t have so much as a balcony, we take it to my mom’s backyard compost bin roughly once a week. This past week is the first time I’ve opened it in the backyard (I’m allergic to mold so I get out of the gross part of composting) and there were…GAGGGGGGG…MAGGOTS crawling around it. I’m completely skeeved out. I dropped the lid on the grass and ran away until the compost was dumped and then I turned the hose on the whole contraption …

I’ve come to accept fruit flies as a part of life. I smash the ones I see and try to prevent more from appearing, but when you’ve got a composter… maggots, however, are not acceptable. Not even remotely. And no, I will not take a photo of them to show you. I know you like photos, but ick. ick. ick. ick. And ick some more.

How do I prevent maggots? Husband says they’re always there!

ICK! OK had to get that out of the system. Well, as we surfed the net a bit and investigated the situation, most people seem to agree that maggots appear in compost when it’s too moist and doesn’t have enough dry material. However, you’re just talking about a kitchen scrap container — not a full blown compost heap. So this is what we think: your little crock might need to be emptied more than once a week, or, as some here have recommended before, you could keep the scraps in your freezer rather than on the counter. We’re pretty sure that would solve the problem.

Has anyone else struggled with maggots in their kitchen scraps? (shudder) Does anyone have any other solutions?