Good Question: Organizing Drawers

Good Question: Organizing Drawers

Grace Shu
Aug 24, 2007

My biggest pet peeve seems trivial; and in its trivial-ness, it bothers me EVEN MORE. After folding about 2 loads of laundry and packing them away in their drawers, I'll get up the next morning to get dressed, and the shirt that I want to wear is near the bottom of the stack. So I'll have to pull it out, and then bam! Messiness in the drawers.

I'm not about spend another 10 minutes straightening my drawers every morning either. (This also happens when I'm at a store and I'm looking for my size and of course, it's at the bottom, so I end up upheaving a stack of perfectly folded shirts and get dirty looks from the shop employees).

My mum suggested that I try rolling the shirts like towels and placing them in the drawer. "Easier access," she said. "That way, if you DO end up ever wearing that shirt with the two pigs doing the dirty with that awful slogan, 'Makin' Bacon!', you don't have to turn your drawers upside down and inside out." So far, it's been working, although I've learned now that it's best to roll any design markings on the outside in case of mistaken tshirt identity. Oh, and the reason why I don't wear that Makin' Bacon shirt out in public is because my mum told me she'd disown me.

Anyone else have any suggestions on preventing drawer dishevelment?

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