Good Question: Pros & Cons of Upholstered Beds?

(Image credit: Sylvie Li)

Hey AT! I love the look of upholstered platform beds but I can’t help wondering about the dust situation. Does anyone own an upholstered bed frame that could give me some insight on how frequently it needs to be cleaned and how much more maintenance might go into owning a bed like this rather than a traditional wood frame? Thanks so much! Lilly

Great question, Lilly. We have our mattress and pillows zipped up inside hypoallergenic casings so we’re guessing that for those of you, like us, who tend to be prone to sinus issues due to dust or allergies, an upholstered bed might not be the best option. If allergies aren’t a problem for you then we’d imagine a weekly pass with a handheld vacuum would do the trick nicely. But let’s hear from upholstered bed owners! Anyone?

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