Good Question: Undercounter Fridges?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hello AT,
I’m in the middle of planning out my kitchen. While I want to get a smaller undercounter fridge so I can have the extra counter space, I’m not sure how I’ll adjust to it. Most of the ones I’ve seen look like they won’t hold “real” groceries — they have places for cola cans, but no space for a carton of milk or juice.

I know from the NYTimes piece that you traded yours to gain counter space. How have you adjusted?


GO FOR IT! The Therapist says that big fridges are for large, slow moving humans, and small fridges are for smart, quick highly evolved ones. The Therapist says that you would be surprised how easy it is to adjust to a smaller undercounter fridge (plenty of room if you declutter as you go), and how nice it is to have so much air space back.

We are a family of two and have one small one, and for a client with a family of 4 we installed two Sub Zero undercounters (one freezer, one fridge). We have drunk all the cool aid on this one, so we can’t be positive enough. We also believe in SLIM fridges as well. The Conserv is a nice alternative for different kinds of spaces. Therapist