Good Question: Vessel Sinks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Does anyone have advice about vessel sinks? These are sinks that sit all or partway above a surface. I like the look of them and am considering installing two round ones in our bathroom, but have heard they should only be used in powder rooms because with regular, everyday use (e.g., face-washing) the user ends up splashing water all over him- or herself. If this hasn’t been a problem for you, brand/style names, prices, and sources would be appreciated. Thanks!

A timely question, given that not only is this Bathroom Month but three of our contestants–Enrique, Jeremy, and Rob–have gone the VS route. We’ve always loved the way vessel sinks look but have never had any hands-on (or is it hands-in) experience with these. Ultimately, it seems to depend on which side of the form v function debate you support.