Good Question: Vintage chair redo in Chicago?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We received an email from Devyn: I have a question for AT readers. I want to have these two 1970s bank lobby chairs re-upholstered and I have no idea who to go to for a fair price and quality work. I will be using fabric purchased from Knoll Textiles to retain the vintage look.

I definitely want to do business within the city. I looked all over AT Chicago, but didn’t find anything on upholstery work.

We’ve used Felipe’s Upholstery (773-252-3110) to have our sofas reupholstered in the past. They are a very simple design so the job was pretty staight forward. The price was good and the work was nicely done. Everything happened on schedule, too, which is always a bonus, especially when you are living without your sofas…

We asked around a bit and heard that “The Furniture Shop” at 4259 S. Western Blvd. is comfortable with doing reupholstery of vintage pieces. They are fine with you supplying your own fabric (the Knoll material should look fabulous) and can be reached at 773-376-2525.

This is just a start – we’d love to start building up some more information on upholsterers – can any readers recommend an upholstery service to Devyn (and the rest of us)?