Good Questions: Would You Recommend Stainless Steel Adhesive Film?

Good Questions: Would You Recommend Stainless Steel Adhesive Film?

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 29, 2007

Hello AT,

We'll be renovating our kitchen and have to get all new appliances
except for the fridge, which is the only one in the right size and
good condition. But... the fridge is white and we were planning to go
stainless steel on all the new appliances.

Has anyone ever tried camouflaging their fridge with this dubious
sounding stainless steel adhesive which I found online...

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I need a reality check, am I just going to waste my time trying to
penny pinch, or do you think it actually might look "good enough"
and be a smart way to save a couple hundred bucks in the short term.

Any advice is much appreciated!


PS... The particular fridge we'd be covering is completely flat in
front, with no door handles, and the sides of the fridge would not be
visible. And yes, we are on a budget. It's our first apartment and
we're going with ikea cabinets and outlet appliances, etc.. so while
we don't want it to look like a cheap craft project, we also aren't
expecting it to look like a million dollars.

Dear Marcelo,

The very word "faux" scares us, and cutting corners in a budget pinch is always acceptable, but you rarely get something you want and some corners are easier to cut than others. We don't think this is one of them.

Although we haven't used this stuff, we'd steer clear of it for a number of reasons. First of all, the stainless steel racket is rife with cheaters, the biggest of which are those that promise the "stainless steel look" without actually using stainless steel. This is usually a cheaper metal that is painted or veneered to look like stainless, but has a cooler, less attractive look and does not wear the same way. This is the type of thing the faux finish is made of, because actual stainless steel can't be formed into a roll. It's too rigid. Check out their words:

...SoftMetal is a metallic adhesive film looking exactly like any real metal surface.

The second problem is that we've never seen a perfect adhesive product of any kind. Whether it's windows, shelf liners or this, we think you're going to get some edge lifting or inconsistent adhesion or even wrinkles somewhere along the line.

Our advice then would be to leave your fridge white and accept it as an honest look, waiting until you find the perfect stainless fridge you want and then upgrade.

Anyone else???

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